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Posted by ZenMom Saturday, November 14, 2009


Or click.  Or do whatever one does in the blogsphere. I'm just too choked up to speak. I'm beyond words.

Yeah, don't you wish.

Seriously folks, I'm in awe of all of my friends and followers out there. Especially those who have bestowed some pretty awesome awards on my humble little blog. You rock!

Now please don't be insulted. I don't do rules too well. I'd just mix 'em up, forget some and basically make a mess of the whole thing. So you won't see ten things about me that no one knows.  Seriously, don't I confess enough already?

But have no fear. I would love to express my gratitude and pass these wonderful little tidbits of love on to others. I'm just gonna do the condensed, Reader's Digest version. Otherwise, it may take me until Christmas 2010 for this post to be written.  So, here it goes...

First to Rocky Mountain Memoirs and EcoMeg, here is my extremely belated Thank You for passing on the Lovely Blog Award.

And, in turn, I would like to present this award to....Strawberry Seeds, Coming Clean and Its a Beauty-Filled Life.

A huge thanks also goes to Brittany at MommyWords. You are truly the bestest!  Your posts always make me laugh.

Now its time for me to pass this on to Brilliant Sulk, Stacie's Madness and Hormones, Headaches and Hotflashes.

I'd also like to thank Amy from Confessionals of a Stay at Home Mom.  From me to you, I absolutely LOVE your list of lesser known facts.  I think the pool one is my all time favorite.

And my winners for this are:
Menopausal New MomThe World According to Me and Mean Mom Academy.

To Nancy at If Evolution Really Works,  I love you too.  I also loved your award post.  Way too creative.

I also love Country Fried Mama, MommyLiteOnline and Immoral Matriarch.

Last, but not least, thanks abound for Stina at Woman and Mom for this refreshing award. And to Forever Folding LaundryBloggin2Noggin and Crazy Mom With 4 Boys. Come on down and pick up your very own lemonade award. 

Pheww!  I made it.  This was a hard list to make.  There are so many wonderful sites out there, this was a toughie. 

Right now, the snow is falliing, my eyes are getting heavy and its time to call it a day.  Good night and happy blogging.

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  1. Congrats to you on all of your awards! You have a great blog and they are all much deserved! Keep up the great writing!

  2. Congratulations to you on receiving so many great awards!!! I love reading your blog and there is nothing better than receiving recognition from fellow bloggers.

    And thank you so much for passing one on to me. I'm tickled!!

    Thanks so much and again, congratulations!!

  3. Thanks so much!! Congrats on all your awards as well!

  4. melissa Says:
  5. I couldn't receive a better for "attitude and gratitude"...Thanks SOOOOO much, best wishes to you on your well-deserved accolades!!!

    Now, let's get down to "bid-ness"---okay?

    Melissa at Bloggin2Noggin

  6. Amanda Says:
  7. Hey, congrats on your award!

    And thanks for the shout out, I'm thoroughly enjoying you blog...

  8. THANK YOU!!!

    and congrats on receiving those awards yourself!

  9. Melinda Says:
  10. Thank you, so much!! What a lovely surprise! Congrats on your awards, too. They are well-deserved. Your blog is always fun and insightful! ;0)

  11. Wow - I hardly know what to say. Thanks for the award!
    And you're pretty cool yourself. :)


  12. B Boys Mom Says:
  13. Congrats to you for all these wonderful awards. Also Thank You for giving me a award. I know I've been a little slow at posting my award but I have not forgotten. It should be posted tomorrow with linky love to you.


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