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Posted by ZenMom Thursday, November 26, 2009

Meet my friend the turkey.  You can call him Mr. Stuffing for short.  Handsome, regal, he instills fear and respect in all he meets. Right?

Not exactly.

I have to admit, he's not really the picture of confidence.  Or majestic grace.   And there's no denying he's quite goofy looking. What was Benjamin Franklin thinking when he nominated this creature for the national bird?

But to tell you the truth, I think he's gotten a bum rap. 

I know, I know.  It's just way too easy to poke fun at him.  After all, he's not known for his smarts.  He certainly doesn't have the looks of his kin the eagle or hawk.  But when you think of it, where would we be without our lowly friend -- the one who supplies the centerpiece at so many of our holidays?

Why our tables would be barren, the stuffing and yams looking lost all by themselves.  And those cute little Thanksgiving crafts the kids bring home.  I'm sorry to say, they just wouldn't be as sweet with a pig or a cow.  Why he's the workhorse of the American feast.

And in a sick, weird way I kind of relate to this fellow.

I've never been what one would call pretty.  My style these days could be best described as Modern Frump, given my affinity for comfort over style, sweats and elastic waistbands.  Even my body showing signs of resemblance with the constant growth of my midsection and the unstoppable southward shift of everything else.

But mostly because I feel like he's a kindred spirit.  Like him, I'm overworked, certainly underpaid and definitely unappreciated.  And when it comes down to it, my house would not be a pretty place without me.

So today, I would like to dedicate this post to all the workhorses out there.  The turkeys.  The moms. The dads.  And everyone else that makes this wonderful day possible.  For all of you I give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night.

And next time you see my friend Mr. Stuffing, give him a little respect, will you?

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  1. Loved this post. You made me smile and realize that I don't thank people in my life the way I really should. Gonna go thank one very special person right now!

  2. Luschka Says:
  3. Lovely post, made me smile. Now off to wash dishes and put on a washing, and if the baby sleeps long enough, make something to eat too! :)

  4. That was a cute post! We get a lot of Wild Turkeys here and they are not the best looking either, but they sure are fun to watch.

  5. Susan Fobes Says:
  6. Mr. Turkey does get a bad rap. (According to my husband they are very noble birds, but I just don't see it.)
    I am coming from the sites of two mutual followers. Nice posts!

  7. Vic Says:
  8. ewwww...that face is kinda scary but kinda cute:)

  9. I think this photo doesn't do Tom justice. He must have a better side.

    But I'll second the call to give thanks to the workhorses. What a great holiday, except maybe for the women who sweat it out in the kitchen all day preparing it and all night cleaning up after it!

  10. Loved this. He looks cute I think! But I always have appreciated the really ugly cute of some animals. It was a great post and you are so right - there are so many workhorses to thank. I did thank my mom today, for everythng she has done. She said I am starting to understand what it means to be a mom - definitely overworked! Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. maya Says:
  12. I can totally relate and I think I knew it subconsiously. One of my favorite things to do in November is make turkey noises. My kids hate it but it doesn't seem so strange any more.

  13. Ha! The line about Ben Franklin cracked me up, I've always wondered "Why a turkey, Ben?" But you are right the turkey does get a bum rap, poor delicious bird.

  14. ModernMom Says:
  15. Just found you through Heaches, Hotflashes and Hormones and thought I'd leave some comment love!
    Had to tell you how this post and this picture made me smile!

  16. Melinda Says:
  17. Cute post! I think most moms would fall into the unappreciated category, huh? I think most days my 12-year-old daughter would consider me a turkey! ;0) Well, I don't know how much weight it holds, but based on your posts, I'd say you are one hardworking, great mom. One day those kids will thank you!


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