My World's Been Rocked

Posted by ZenMom Friday, November 6, 2009

This has been one long week. First, the phone incident. Yeah, you know about that one already.

Then dearest hubby had a run-in with John Law. No, he wasn't speeding (not this time) but he had expired plates. A fix it ticket's not a big deal, right?

As our luck has it, this was not a fix it, but a Hand-Over-95-Smackaroos-and-Be-On-Your-Way ticket. Highway robbery if you ask me. To top it off, our old, shoddily built banister lost a post.  So now we're left with a gaping hole between the kitchen and family room.  As I went to call the handyman, I swore I saw visions of dollar signs swirling above my head.

Then, on Wednesday, the unthinkable happened. The Word Which Must Not Be Spoken was uttered. It was awful.  Traumatic.  I think I'm scarred for life.

Why so glum?

My laptop died. There, I said it.

I wasn't in the room when it happened. I did however hear the screams.  I made it down the stairs just in time to see two of my dear children, both looking so, so guilty.  And then I saw it -- the dreaded blue screen.  You know the one. The lovely That's All Folks shade that tells you all is definitely not well in computerland. .

After some requisite screaming and threats of groundings for life, we tried to resuscitate my old friend.  No such luck.  Today, as tears streamed down my cheek, I watched my hubby packed it up to bring it into the shop.  At this point, the best I can hope for is retrieving at least some of the stuff I had on it.  And, no, smart me did not back it up.  I thought about it.  But that's as far as it got.

Now that the shock is finally worn off, reality has hit. And boy does it bite.

My laptop. My life. It's all over now, plain and simple.

I never realized how dependent I have grown on the little sucker until I tried to do without it.  Yeah, we have another computer in the house, but its not the same. No more writing posts from bed?  Or declaring "Mommy's taking a time out" only to steal way and shop while watching Monk in the peacefulness of my room?  How's a Mom supposed to get any peace around here?

Instead I'm left to share a computer, sitting in the middle of our family room, with three kids -- two of which don't know how close they came to biting the big one.

So if this post seems a little rushed, that's because it is.  Right now, I have about two more minutes before the door opens and the circus begins.  Ahh, there's nothing like a deadline looming to get those creative juices flowing. 

Uh-oh, the knob is turning.  Let the games begin. Until next time...
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  1. Melinda Says:
  2. Ooooo... I'm so sorry! I have been in your shoes. I think you've just inspired me to back up. I'm terrible about that. I know I'm just tempting fate. Hope that you can retrieve your files!

  3. I feel your pain, greatly! It's so awful losing a laptop and the ability to chill and surf.

    Hope it's a fast, quick fix for you!

  4. Wow, hearing all the benefits of having a laptop and not having to share the one computer in our household has made be start dreaming about getting my own laptop. Blogging from bed, the kitchen, the den, the bathroom, any room in the house?! Sign me up!

    BTW, thanks for finding me. I've been enjoying your blog and look, I'm follower #50!!

  5. EcoMeg Says:
  6. Rats! I know how frustrating that is. I'm sorry to hear it!

  7. I am so, so sorry. Thanks for the inspiration to back my stuff up. Will definitely get right on that. Tomorrow.

  8. Oh no I am SO sorry for your loss ;) that is terrible. I so hope it is an easy fix! Me love my laptop too!


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