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Posted by ZenMom Friday, November 20, 2009

My oldest daughter happens to be totally into the Twilight series.  I know, what warm-blooded teenage girl isn't?

It was about a year ago when she would come home from school, promptly put nose in book and commence swooning over this sordid tale of love and blood. 

So, after much pleading and prodding from my oldest -- and in an effort to bond with my ever-moody child --  I decided to give the book a gander.

The first chapter:  OK, but nothing special by my standards.

The second chapter:  Mildly interesting.

Chapter three:  Getting warmer.

By chapter four I was officially reeled in, hook, line and sinker -- or fang (pun totally intended).

Yes, I know, a forty-something mom has no business crossing over the invisible generational divide to invade TeenageLand territory, but at this point I was still doing it for the kid. And my plan worked.

Mother and daughter enjoyed more frequent conversations -- ones that didn't even involve handing over cash.  She'd bound into my room, jump on my bed and tell me how I wouldn't believe what happened next.  We talk about our favorites, share our thoughts on the plot and generally have a good laugh or two. 

But somewhere along the way, my innocent bonding strategy went south.  Way, way south.

I kind of got into the whole story.  I mean really got into it. The teen that was for so long stuffed way down inside of me was mysteriously unleashed.  And that's when the war began.

"I had it first."

"No I had it first."

"Mom, give me back my book!"

Did I mention I get a little obsessed with a good read?   This went on for months, until in the end all four books were finally completed.

Even though the story ended, I'm happy to report our bond remained.  On some level I was able to enter her world -- even it it took a few vampires to pave the way.  We still argue over who are favorite undead character is.  Or whether werewolves rock or not.

But there are limits to how for a mom can go.  I learned that the hard way.

The new movie just came out.  My daughter's had the release date on her calendar for months.  And as I'd see the previews over the last few weeks, I have to admit, my interest was piqued.

That's when I made my fatal error. I asked my daughter if she wanted to go see the movie.

With me.

The corresponding laughs could be heard for miles around.  Her go see New Moon with her mom?  Was I crazy?  Well yes, but that's another story all together.

So here I sit, getting ready to drive the big girl and her BFF to see the show.  All the while I'm secretly hoping they'll ask me to go along.  Don't worry, I'm not holding my breath.  I guess my vampire fix will just have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

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  1. That was so funny! Yes, of course you are going to get reeled into that world of Vampires! It must have been nice though discussing the show and characters with her. Great way to bond. Too bad you got left out of the movie and yes, there is always DVD!

    Maybe by then she will want to see it again and will spend a night in with you when you watch it!

  2. I read the books and LOVED them. My husband said...those are high school books!! I said Screw you!

  3. EcoMeg Says:
  4. You could always pretend to drive away, then slink into the back of the theater and watch it too. It's what I'd do :D

  5. You should totally go in and see the movie. Stalk them!

  6. Theta Mom Says:
  7. I never read the series (I know, I must be living under a rock) but I would go see the movie anyway!

  8. Melinda Says:
  9. I just watched Twilight for the first time with my daughter the other night (she had already seen it). I didn't really think I'd like it, but doggoneit, I got sucked in, too (no pun intended!:0)

    We do have to work hard to bond with them at this age ... it is so hard to find common ground!

  10. blueviolet Says:
  11. WHAT were you thinking? LOL

    You have to go out of town for that kind of thing to happen. :(

    I hope you get to see it anyhow!

  12. Maya Says:
  13. Did you sneak into the back of the theater? I don't need a new obsession, I've been avoiding Twilight..I feel so out of the loop.

  14. Carol Says:
  15. Totally got obsessed reading this series thanks to my SIL and of course now I understand what my college age daughter was obsessing over.
    Our obsession didn't stop there... Oh no, we had to go check out the Blue Blood series, Vampire Academy series and now I am reading The Historian.
    I did take a break in between series because it was so draining...:)

  16. Janie B Says:
  17. I haven't read the books, but I know several at work who have. They say they are addictive. I'm just not into vampires. Hello! I'm visiting from another blog but love yours so much, I'm following. Look forward to hearing more.

  18. KaLynn Says:
  19. Glad you have a link! Isn't funny how movies and books can create a link you didn't know you had?

    I'm into Marvel Comic movies, Transformers, X-Men, Harry Potter books and movies. Made connections with my kids and grandkids! It was amazing!

    I think I will have to try this series!

    I'm glad that Menopausal New Mom sent me over here! I will be back!!

  20. I'll go see it with you!! Would you be embarrased if I buy sour patch kids though?

  21. i broke down and read too...and love love loved it...

    the movie is AWESOME!!!! You should have gone with them and just sat in a different isle!

  22. Anonymous Says:
  23. My daughter is also an addict. She read all the books in English, then in French, then in English again and knows the first film backwards. New Moon has come out here but she is showing remarkable restraint because she wants to wait until we find it showing somewhere in English - at least an hour and a halfs drive in any direction!

  24. Erin Says:
  25. I am another vampire addict. And I just found out MY MOM (who is almost 60) also read & enjoyed them. Too funny!

  26. I'm popping over from mommy Bloggers Club. I am now following. Come check my blog out sometime.


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