Sweet Sixteen

Posted by ZenMom Friday, February 19, 2010

It was sixteen years ago today.  During a torrential downpour, in front of all our friends and family, I walked down the aisle of a small church in Palo Alto and said I Do to my one and only.

What a ride its been.  We had no clue back then of what life had in store for us.  It was all so romantic and new.  But as the Gods must be crazy, so must we, because we've managed to hang in there through thick and thin.  So today, as we were just able to steal away a couple of hours to celebrate, I remembered why we embarked on this journey in the first place.

Happy Anniversary, Honey.  Here's to many more.

Staying Blissfully Married,
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  1. Happy Anniversary! Appropriate photo~ 16 Candles!!
    I am a new follower from MBC.
    Diana Rambles
    Custom Blog Designs

  2. Awwwwwww! Happy anniversary. And I hope it turned out to be an amazing and wonderful day. Sounds like you have a really awesome marriage. Kudos to you!!

  3. That's lovely! Congratulations

    (lvano on twitter)

  4. Awww!! Happy Anniversary to you two!!! I knew you had a soft side in there somewhere!!!


  5. suzicate Says:
  6. Congrats...happy anniversary!

  7. Amie Says:
  8. Happy Anniversary! We had our Tenth Anniversary yesterday.

  9. Susan Fobes Says:
  10. Congratulations!

  11. Oh, very romantic!
    Happy "sweet" 16 to you both!!

  12. Michele Says:
  13. Happy Anniversary, Hon ;)

    That's wonderful !!!

  14. Sandra Says:
  15. Congratulations!! Cinderella forgets to mention once you find your prince charming then it takes lots of loving hard work to live happily every after. You both deserve and have earned a fabulous marriage :)


  16. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy every moment of that stolen time together!

  17. Gibby Says:
  18. Happy Anniversary!

    (love the pic)

  19. EcoMeg Says:
  20. That is awesome. Best wishes for many more happy years!

    Sixteen candles was just about my favorite movie as a teen. If you like that, you might watch American Dreamer. Another big favorite of mine from way back when. :)

  21. Happy Anniversary!!


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