Call of the Wild

Posted by Accidental Expert Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lately, I've been giving a lot of thought to why I like to write so much.  As I look back, I realize I've been in love with the written word for as long as I can remember.

Being the shy, retiring type I am, I also dreamed of being published. My earliest works are still on display at my parents' house -- from STOP etched into the living room end table to my more stream-of-consciousness ramblings scribbled on the inside of my mother's sewing cabinet.

As I grew, so did my portfolio. Unfortunately many samples from this period have been lost -- most confiscated by intolerant teachers, not recognizing the raw talent right beneath their noses.

During those days, multiple choice tests confounded me. But give me a blue book and a pen, and I could write my way to an A almost every time. Not that my style was always appreciated. Biting sarcasm mixed with a good dose of irreverence didn't go over so well on my essay on Christopher Columbus or the Economics of Third World Countries.

For me, a pivotal moment came when I landed an internship at a local newspaper. A stroke of luck placed me in the advertising department, where my mentor told me, "Just write like you speak."

That cinched the deal. My style was a natural fit for a career in copywriting. I also dabbled in greeting card captions, event marketing and other equally meaningful endeavors. I not-so-secretly dreamed of becoming a comedy writer. Ah, those were the days.

Then came motherhood and everything changed. I no longer had endless hours to ponder self expression, so my hiatus began. Playing peekaboo replaced prose. 

Now eleven years later I've finally found some time to steal away from my crazed existence just long enough to write down a few words here and there. And once again I'm hooked.  I just hope all of you out there enjoy my ramblings half as much as I love writing them. 

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  1. Amie Says:
  2. I know exactly how you feel about writing. In between all the madness that is my life, I almost lost not only my joy but my desire to write. I am so glad that my little blog gives me a chance to write a little here and there and that maybe someone will read it and enjoy.

    Thanks for writing!

  3. Sandra Says:
  4. I was only thinking yesterday that you needed to write a book and was going to email that to you! In the dark moments of the early days of parenting I would sneak into the small, unimpressive stack of books for parenting special needs children at Barnes & Noble. I would gravitate to those books where people were writing from the strong background of knowledge, experience and understanding that were made readable and reachable by heartfelt examples and lightened by humor. And there I sat quietly sobbing knowing I wasn't alone. Sounds pathetic, but it was great therapy. You were born to write, and born to share :)


  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. I thought I used to have lots to say and no time to say it. Now, I have lots of time, but probably nothing important to say! When you said your words were on the end table, I thought the next paragraph was going to have them displayed on some park bench or bathroom wall, ha you got me!

  7. I could have written this post myself - I LOVE writing, but over the years motherhood has definitely inhibited my ability to have time to write. I love having a blog where I can write when I have the time. I try to remember that this is the purpose of my blog - and not to feel pressured to post every single day.

  8. Writing is everything to me!
    I'm so glad you've found this passion once more. I really enjoy your words!

  9. Gibby Says:
  10. I was also a copywriter BK (before kids). I missed writing, too, and that is why I started my blog. Now it has become an important piece of me. Like you, I'm so glad to have found this outlet. Keep on writing!

  11. Noelle Says:
  12. i remember my days in high school when i would express myself, thoughts, and feelings through my poetry. anymore, it seems like i express myself through a crease in my eyebrow, swear words, and senseless stammering. i'm looking forward to that "empty nest" syndrome where i can concentrate and focus on my thoughts again. sigh.


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