Snark, Snark and More Snark

Posted by ZenMom Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not really.  It's just that I've always had a certain fondness for that word and have been dying to use it in a post.  So what if it makes no sense.

What I am up for is for some healthy venting.  Ready, set, go.

With all the craziness in my household lately, my nerves a fried.  Gone are any illusions of exercising, dieting or taking care of myself.  And in the middle of everything else, the Stinker leaped over the edge of impdom today.  Not sure if impdom is actually a word, but just go with me here.

Once again, I've been remiss in my mommy duties.  I've put a few minor things off.  And because of it, the little guy's gone without a haircut for -- actually, I forget how long its been.

As a result I now have a four year old that looks like the youngest Flower Child in recorded history. A shaggy do, complete with long sideburns -- why all he needs is some round glasses, a tie dye shirt, a few beads and presto..

So this morning I set out to right this neglectful situation.  We headed into the nearest Great Clips for a cut.   Normally, this only takes a few minutes, tops, and we're on our way.

Too bad this wasn't a normal day.  As soon as the Stinker saw the chair and the cape, he bolted.  No amount of pleading or bribing could get him in the thing.  Kicking and screaming reared their ugly heads, so even though it killed me, I cut my loses and headed home.

That's when my little imp spent some quality bonding time with his room.  After some lunch and a mommy time-out, I decided to try again.  We picked up his big sis from school and went to another fine beauty establishment.  I was way too embarrassed to go back to the scene of the crime of earlier in the day.  You can call me chicken if you'd like.  Or just a sucker for punishment.

The second time around, he walked right in and hopped in the chair.  He even let the guy put some tape around his neck and fasten the big ole cape.  But as soon as the trimmer came out, all bets were off.

After a few futile efforts, the trimmer was replaced with the scissors.  Too bad the damage was already done.  He kept lurching and jumping in his little booster seat until the nice hair cutter made us leave.  Yep, we were kicked out of Super Cuts.  Of course, this happened AFTER the nice haircutter jerk made a few artful cuts.

So tonight, I am left with a half-hippy, half do-it-yourself-trim looking kid.  Can't wait to hear what the other moms at the preschool Valentine party have to say about that.  Guess we can kiss those visions of playdates from that bunch goodbye.

Gotta go.  Need to check into military schools -- FAST!

Where O where has my Zen gone?
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  1. Amie Says:
  2. Oh I'd say you deserve an good mommy award for even attempting a second round. After the first I'd have given up.

  3. Susan Fobes Says:
  4. I don't know why, but my two would do the same thing. They would be so excited about going but once in the chair, no way! I forget just how many times I had to leave-I didn't want to be responsible for the therapy in years to come...
    What about a nice hat? LOL! Enjoy the party.

  5. It sounds a lot like the haircut many of my daughters high school friends have. Maybe he will end up being the cool preschool trend setter. Just tell the other Moms you had it done at an upscale salon & in a couple months all the kids will have it.

  6. Gibby Says:
  7. ROFL! My daughter did the same thing when she was 3. Would. Not. Sit. And usually spent the short time we were there screaming and hiding. My hubs didn't believe me, so I made him take her and sure enough, they were back 10 minutes later, with no haircut and hubs seething. Good times, good times.

  8. Tell him now he has to wear a bow. No, I'm kidding. My son loved getting his hair cut, still does. I also think you're brave for trying again so soon. Good Luck!

  9. Noelle Says:
  10. that happened to me once when my boys were 3 and 4. i walked out of the salon and went directly to the walmart and bought some clippers and shaved their damn little heads myself until they were old enough to appreciate a professional hair cut!


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