Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen

Posted by ZenMom Monday, January 25, 2010

My recent rash of computer woes has gotten me thinking.  I realized its been a while since my last confession.  Not wanting to disappoint, I will force myself to divulge one of my deepest, darkest secrets.

I used to be a techno-geek.  Through and through, technology was in my veins.

I lived in Silicon Valley.  I worked for a software company.  I owned the coolest hardware and ran the hottest software.  I ate up info on new trends and releases like it was candy. And my idea of a good time was going to a conference where I'd promptly drool over Steve Jobs' or Bill Gates latest presentation.  Did I just admit that?  Well, its too late now.

You see it was the early 90s --  a time when Apple still ruled the world and money flowed like water.  I was in the know and I loved it.

Then a funny thing happened.  I moved to the middle of the country.  I had kids.  Suddenly my days were filled with diapers instead of databases and the only conferences I attend have a teacher sitting at the other end of the table.  The slide was gradual, but the result obvious.  I lost my edge.

Big time.

And nothing brought this home like a computer crash or two.   It made me realize I can't even get my email up and running without major difficulties.  We've already been over my challenges with cell phones.  I won't even go into my texting issues.

So today I am faced with the cold, hard reality that technology has passed me by.  I am a geek no more.

Well actually, according to my teen, I am -- but I can no longer put the word techno in front of it.

I'll just have to get used to the fact that I'm just one of those out of touch parents.   the ones that need their kids to fix the computer, test the latest software and help them get set up on Facebook.

After all, technology's for the young.  So why am I having such a hard time letting go?

Simple.  I guess I have a few denial issues to iron out.  And when it comes right down to it, I so don't want to grow up.

Repeat after me...Denial Is Your Friend,

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  1. ModernMom Says:
  2. Oh it realy doesn't take long to fall behind! I have had to ask my 11 year old for help with the TV! lol

  3. Michele Says:
  4. Oh, I hear ya on this one. Technology is moving way too fast ... WAY TOO FAST!

    Denial ~ it gets me through the day ;)

  5. I have never been a techno geek. I know nothing. I live in denial every time I look in the mirror.

  6. My 6 year old son helps me with the TV too. Kinda sad, really. I can't wait until he can fix my computer, which I mention to the hubs all the time. Right now, the hubs has this friend who I think is a real jerk. But I encourage this friendship only b/c when I had a computer virus last Spring, this guy fixed my computer and made it faster than ever. And for free. That too is probably kinda sad...

  7. Susan Fobes Says:
  8. Now wait. It is never over till, well, you know who sings! Technology is a learning process-all it requires is a little patience and it can become your friend again. (BTW: This is coming straight from another Techno geek.)

  9. Helene Says:
  10. My husband is a total techno geek. He lives, eats and breaths it. In fact, tonight I was having problems with my computer and he took a break from fixing my cousin's computer to look at mine.

    He writes software all day long and then comes home and continues to work on the computers. It's almost borderline obsession!

    I have a hard time, too, realizing my life is a whole 'nother pace now. When I talk to my friends who still work in the social work field, I feel completely out of the loop!

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. At least you can say you were once there...I am so technologically (is that a word?) impaired!

  13. Corrie Howe Says:
  14. There is hope for you. My father, just turned 70, still is up on all the newest. You just have to wait until your kids are out of the house and you can focus again. Then you'll return to your edge.

  15. My husband is a computer programmer but he gets soooo mad at me when I ask him to fix my laptop. He acts like it's all my fault that my hard drive thingy is full of spyware and pr0n.

  16. newmumover40 Says:
  17. I'm sure you could just up with all again. Once a techno geek always a techno geek! You obviously have the smarts for it. Give it a go and see where it takes you!

  18. Kmama Says:
  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.

    Great post. Whenever I have to go and help my parents out with their cell phone and/or computer, I pray a silent prayer that technology will NOT pass me by.


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