It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

Posted by ZenMom Thursday, January 21, 2010

So remember the bomb scare yesterday?  Today I have a few more details.

They're pretty juicy.

Actually slimy would be more like it.

Thankfully, it was a false alarm.  As the story goes, a teacher pulled up at school and saw a duffel bag in the middle of the empty parking lot.  Something looked suspicious, so it was reported and the cavalry was called in.

The school was closed, mass hysteria ensued and there were a whole lot of worried kids and parents wondering what the heck was going on.  It turns out that using a robotic device, the bomb squad very carefully inspected the bag.  And this is what they found:

Yes, folks, in case you're wondering that is indeed Kermit the Frog sprawled out, his hands and feet spread.  I don't know about you, but he looks like he's been roughed up to me.  I'm wondering if a home video is going to surface in the next few days showing unnecessary police brutality against an amphibian.

So, just to recap, what appeared to be law enforcement from all over the state of Colorado, plus the news media, all gathered at our little school because of a muppet sighting.  To put in in other words, I MISSED MY ENTIRE FREE DAY because someone left one of Miss Piggy's friends in the parking lot.

Now if that don't beat all.  I am very thankful that this was a true false alarm, but truly, it doesn't get much better than this.

Laughing Hysterically (but trying to look serious for the kids),

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  1. That is so FUNNY!!!!!!

    Maybe Miss Piggy tried to off him.

  2. That picture is hilarious! Can you get an more absurd than that?

  3. newmumover40 Says:
  4. So funny! Watch out for Kermits stuffing! Goodness knows why the person who saw Kermit in the first place just didn't go and look at him. Does everything left lying around have to be a bomb!

  5. Michele Says:
  6. Okay... Laughing hysterically with you ;)

    But seriously, yesterday?? With your daughter at the school... omg ~ terrifying beyond belief.

  7. blueviolet Says:
  8. No freakin' way! Hilarious!

  9. Amanda Says:
  10. Poor, poor Kermit.

    He was always a bit of a sissy.

  11. It looks like they killed kermit and are coming to take him away in his body bag with the ME taking pics! LOL!

  12. Frogs legs for dinner?

  13. Noelle Says:
  14. that is funny! and you...i'd be a little irked that i missed a "ME" day for kermit!

  15. Susan Fobes Says:
  16. So the frog lost a leg? LOL!! Sorry, I couldn't resist! I am so glad everything is ok. You just never know these days...

  17. Luschka Says:
  18. Do they know whose it was? I'm guessing that person doesn't want to step forward. Talk about egg on your face. Lol

  19. Well if this just isn't the best example of our slightly neurotic lives post 911?
    Your post yesterday made me think about a bomb scare we had in my school in 6th grade. It was right after lunch (this is maybe 1973), and the whole school emptied onto the ball fields (they made us get off the blacktop, like now that we were in the field, 50 ft away, we would be safe if something blew up). No parents called, no school cancelled. The fire department came and went thru the building and 30 min later we were back inside. Of course it turned out to be students that got caught and confessed.
    It's a different world, huh?

  20. Gibby Says:
  21. OMG! That is hilarious!!! I mean, the whole bomb threat thing isn't funny, but still! I wish I could have seen the looks on everyone's face when they opened that bag...

  22. Corrie Howe Says:
  23. I'll have to go read the post prior to this, I'm reading backwards. Is this a real picture of what happened?

  24. Anonymous Says:
  25. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


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