How Diablo Got His Name

Posted by ZenMom Friday, May 14, 2010

Last night I was watching one of my favorite shows of all time, LOST -- at least what's left of it.  This episode gave the back story to the mysterious Jacob and the ultra-bad Man-In-Black.  And while I was engrossed in my weekly dose of paranoia, death and destruction, it hit me.

Why the parallels were uncanny.  OK, maybe I'm reaching here, but I'm gonna share anyway.

We have two least officially.  We have an very old, very grumpy guy who sleeps most of his days. Then there's our young guy.  He's a gorgeous yellow Lab, as laid back as they come, and yes, even well trained -- no thanks to us, he's just THAT good.

Oh, I almost forgot, there's also Diablo.  He's our Angel Dog's brother and had to vacate his home due to some severe allergies (or so they claimed).  When the breeder asked if we could watch him for a little while until she found him a new home, we happily agreed.  After all, being related to Angel Dog must mean that he would be equally as celestial.  Right?

He's a Lab and a male, but that's about where the similarities end.  He's black, not light, he's a tad on the energetic side, and no one -- I mean, no one -- would mistake him for an obedient pup.

Why, he's single-handedly been responsible for the majority of the destruction in our humble home.  He's officially passed up the kids in this department, and that's no small feat.

Our list of casualties now includes one dog crate (he broke out on his first day), a box of tissues, a paintbrush handle, and old purse, numerous stuffed animals and a phone.  Yes, you read that right...I came home today to find one of my phones chewed to pieces on the floor.

He's also been reason all the dinosaurs in my son's beloved collection now have no tails.  And did I mention his propensity for sprints as soon as the front door opens?  Or how about the fact that he really, really likes to climb up on the counter and munch on the cat's food for little snackeral?

You may ask why we haven't booted his bottom out the door by now?  Believe me, we've threatened.  But we happen to owe this breeder big time.  You see, Angel Dog is a service dog for our son, and because of this she has our undying gratitude.  Diablo is supposed to follow in his brother's footsteps, but something tells me he may not make the cut.  The other thing that keeps him here is the fact that -- when he's not in full destruction mode -- he's really, really sweet.  One look into those big brown eyes and he is once again granted a reprieve.

So these days, we are anxiously awaiting word that our resident Tasmanian Devil has found a new home.  In the meantime, I can be found hiding the phones, stuffed animals and any other inanimate objects he might take a liking to.

I So Don't Need This Right Now,

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