Diablo and the Imp

Posted by ZenMom Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our story begins with a little imp.  Cute as a button, with gorgeous big eyes and a deceptively angelic face.  With the uncanny ability to charm all he met,  many a good man would find themselves unknowingly bending to his iron will.   With a smile on his face and a chuckle under his breathe, he left a path of destruction everywhere he went.

Then one day, Diablo strolled into town.  Tall, dark and quite handsome, he went by many names, but for our story, let's just stick with Diablo.  It is the most fitting, after all.  He could be a lover one minute, a terror the next.  Under the guise of "passing through" he inched his way into every part of the local's lives until it was clear that he was never leaving.

When the imp first laid eyes on Diablo, he knew he was in for trouble.  He was not one for competition and after all, this was his territory.  Needless to say, their relationship was a contentious one, both showering the other with a daily dose of mayhem and torture.  Ill will and childish pranks spread like wildfire, leaving no one unscathed.

Until yesterday, that is.  It seems a friendship was forged, a deal struck.  As Diablo bounded into the car, his tail wagging furiously, the imp reached out from his carseat and boldly declared, "I love you, Diablo."

This peace offering was met with a huge lick to the face -- until his attention was diverted by some crumbs on the floor, of course.  But I am happy to report that -- although boy and dog still terrorize the rest of us -- they have made peace with each other and will probably live happily ever after.

Life is a Fair Tale,

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