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Posted by ZenMom Friday, March 5, 2010

The Little Stinker's been having a hard time getting to school lately.  This is quite perplexing, considering who he is.

He's the youngest of four.  From the day he was born, he's had all sorts of people holding him, caring for him and babysitting him.
He's not exactly what you'd call shy either.  Of all my kids, he's the most unflappable of the bunch.  Noises don't phase him.  Nor do crowds or big events.  Why, he's my kid who would take off at preschool to go play with his favorite toy without even a backwards glance.

That's why this new found separation anxiety has left me scratching my head.

At first I thought it would just go away. 

Not a chance.  Every time we'd go, he'd cry a little longer and a little harder.

On Monday, he was so distraught he clung on to my leg and wouldn't let go for anything.  No one could pry him off, leading me to give the little guy a mental-health break from preschool

By Wednesday, I wised up.  I brought out the big guns.  Dad was enlisted to take over drop-off duty.  And I'm happy to report, it worked like a charm.  It never ceases to amaze me the crap the kids will  pull with me.  But Dad?  No way!

Today, preschool duty was back in my trembling hands.  I really, really needed the day off.

We were off to a good start.  He got ready without a fuss, even got in the car without undo force.  But as I opened the car door, I saw it.  His face fell, his fists were tense and those dreadful words were uttered.

"I don't want to go to preschool."

At that very moment I knew I had to do  So I whisked him out of the car and started walking.  Not just any walk mind you.  But the silliest, goofiest gate ever seen.  Then I asked him to join in.  Together we skipped, hopped, leaped and shuffled our way through the parking lot, up the stairs and right into his classroom.

As the other parents stopped and stared, I was sporting a huge grin.  That's because as my steps became more absurd, all I could think about was our friend above in his official capacity as the Minister of Silly Walks. 

I do believe that the Era of Shy is officially over.  And so ends today's installment of Parenting Tips by Python.

With a skip in my step,
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