Holidays Schmolidays

Posted by ZenMom Sunday, December 13, 2009

BIG FAT WARNING:  My mood is pretty darn sour today.  Hormones, they are a ragin'.  Why they're so bad, I actually know I'm crazy and I'm OK with it.

When I was younger -- not even a little kid, but a young adult -- I loved Christmas.  I loved going through the stores, humming along with the Christmas musak piping down from the ceilings.  I took great effort picking out just the right gifts for all my loved ones and friends.

I loved the hustle and bustle, the crowds didn't phase me, nor did Uncle Joe's hour-long, drunken rant over Christmas dinner about how Rush Limbaugh should rule the world.

I have distinct memories of my parents during this time.  They had what one might call an attitude problem.

I'd ask them what they wanted.  With a heavy sigh, shoulders slightly slouched, they'd tell me not to bother.  How they really weren't into the whole gift-giving thing.

Not get them anything?  Didn't they know how important it was to ME?  Get with the program, people.

So today, imagine how I feel when I realize I've turned into one of those grumpy, Grinch-like beings.

Its not that I haven't tried.  I always try.  I write myself lists, make deadlines and have all sorts of wonderful creative ideas.  But just like every year, about a week before the big day, I realize I am totally behind with no chance in hell of every catching up.

This year I thought it would be different.  We had most of our decorations up early, I my lists were done.  We were off to a great start.
But life has a funny way of getting in the way of my best-laid plans.  First, my kids are getting older.  All those traditions they loved just a year ago meet with a chorus of Moooommmmms now.  So gone are the hot cocoa parties by the fire, family picture taking and other family love fest activities.

I guess I could beat them into submission, but I'm just too tired to fight.

That leaves me to sit here, shoulders slouched, head hanging low.  The tree is not trimmed, the cookies not baked, and don't get me started on those handmade teacher gifts we were going to do.  And when the kids ask me what I want this year, I have a new appreciation for my world-worn parents.

First, I know whatever they get me, I'll end up paying for.  Second, I'll have to take them to Target or Walmart or some other crazy-making block of concrete.  And that leads me to utter the following statement.

"Don't worry kids.  I'm not really into the whole gift giving thing."

Crap.  Its official.  I've turned into my mother.  Or the Grinch.  Either way, I'm screwed.

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  1. I bet if you didn't bake those cookies and do those things with your kids they would miss them. Rolling their eyes to everything you suggest is normal, they can't help it. Yeah, it's a sad day when we realize we have turned into our moms but honestly, I love my mom so I'm happy to be just like her, maybe just not as old Lol!

  2. It happens to the best of us!! We turn into our moms. When I turned 40, a long time friend gave me a birthday card that said something about.......

    "'ll know you have officially turned into your mom when you start teasing your hair".

    This post made me think of that....and I am NEVER going to tease my hair!

  3. Ditto, with the behind, grumpy and Mom thing. Except it's close to Christmas and I haven't burst into tears.....yet.

  4. Susan Fobes Says:
  5. I think this kind of thing goes in stages. I mean, this might be your down year for celebrations because of all the "physical" stuff, but next year you might bounce back.

    I was like you-always enjoying Christmas, and a lot of that is due to my Christmas Eve birthday. Now each birthday reminds me of the aging process, and having work and kids and a hubby can eat away a person's stamina, so things aren't as rosy, but I'm not ready for Grinchdom yet. Don't give in just yet...

  6. kys Says:
  7. I've been a Grinch for a few years now. Also, my mother isn't the Grinch but she could have played him on tv.

  8. blueviolet Says:
  9. I feel your pain. The things that HAVE to be done take away completely from the things that would be fun to do (for me.)

  10. I realized how absurd this whole holiday business is the other day when my son complained that I haven't been spending enough time with him on his winter break - I responded quite honestly that I'm just too busy with all this Christmas stuff and that if I can get it done ASAP, I'll be able to spend LOTS AND LOTS of time with him and my daughter. But isn't that supposedly the whole point of Christmas? To spend time with your family? But somehow Christmas and all the crap I'm supposed to do for everyone else is actually getting in the way of my ability to spend time with the people that actually matter the MOST to me during the holidays. Enough. Must change this now.

  11. KaLynn Says:
  12. I'm a grinch this year. I won't have my grandsons this year for Christmas because their mother has not spoken to me since July 7. The reason you ask, and the answer is she won't tell me. So I'm sad, sad, sad. I cry most days. I was invited to their birthday but she turned her back on me and left me standing by myself. Christmas is just not working for me this year. It's suppose to be about family and mine is split and angry.

  13. I was the same way. LOVED Christmas. Now, it's a little different. Too much pressure. And haven't you noticed everyone shopping is in such a foul mood?

    Fa la la. Merry Christmas!

  14. Janie B Says:
  15. What a bunch of Bah, Humbugs! Come on people, it's Christmas! Get with it!...Okay, I get a little depressed every year...feel sorry for myself...but I'm working on a great attitude this year. Hang in there, Scrooges!

  16. So in Feb of this year, my mom moved in with us. Seriously. It was my husband's idea. I went along cuz I thought it was really nice of him and I didn't know how my mom could afford to move to Texas to be near us (her life dream) if we didn't offer her a place to stay. I love my mom. I really do. She is wonderful and amazing, but she is also my mother. And sometimes she is annoying and tedious as hell.

    But living with her has been a huge wakeup call. For some reason, ever since she moved in, every time I look in the mirror, I see her and not me. I am my mother. I cannot help myself. And whenever I find myself irritated with her, frustrated with her, mad at her, somehow it always manages to occur to me that I am just like her. Argh!!

    Anyway, no worries. It happens to everyone. And I bet your parents are really cool, anyway. Hey, they raised you, didn't they?


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