Ain't Misbehavin'

Posted by ZenMom Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am happy to report that our deer have regained their composure and are once again adorning our front light display with a "G", Approved for All Audiences rating.  And, no I didn't get a picture. Maybe next time.

But have you ever noticed how things get a worse before they get better?

Last night, I went to take my daughter out shopping.  Once again, the wind knocked over the happy couple.  Now remember these two are animated.  Yep, we spare no expense around here.  The cheesier the better.

Anyway, their compromising position did not escape the keen eye of my oldest.  How they fell on top of each other.  How they kept moving, even though they were down.

I've got to say, I could really have done without the visual of our forest creatures bumping and grinding.  I'll never look at Bambi the same again.

But, being a bit animated herself (OK, downright dramatic is truly more accurate) she kept going on and on.  And on.  And...that got on Mom's nerves.  So as I reached my limit I heard myself say what no mother should tell her young daughter.

"OK, OK, I know their doing the nasty out there.  I fix it when I get home!"

There you have it folks.  Bad parenting moment number 991.

Get a good chuckle.  Good. Its my Christmas present to you.
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  1. Too cute! Do you think you'll break 1000 before New Years?!

  2. Luschka Says:
  3. Lol - too funny! The things I have to look forward to ;p

  4. Noelle Says:
  5. oh my gawd...i got a visual! i can see two jerky animation-type deer in your yard thrashing and spasming around...what a scene for a teenager! all i can say is, i'm sure glad my hubs didn't see that...he would have acted like a teenager, too!


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