Balancing Act

Posted by ZenMom Monday, December 21, 2009

I've never been what one would call coordinated.

My eye/hand coordination is almost non-existent, as is my ability to pitch a ball without throwing like a girl.

This was apparent at an early age. I still remember those wonderful home movies my mom would whip out -- you know the kind. The ones that make you sink into your seat with embarrassment as everyone around you has a good belly laugh at your expense.

There I was with my best friend, trying to do a flower dance. We started curled up on the ground as buds and, at least in theory, were supposed to open up into beautiful flowers as we danced gracefully around the room.

Theory would be the operative word here. In reality, the two of us made the most graceless, bumbling flowers the world has ever known.

Of all my coordination issues, balance was by far the worst. No tight rope walking for me.  Unless you really want a good laugh.  Then of course I'll oblige.

Unfortunately my issues with this much needed skill seep into all aspects of my life -- including my new found hobby of blogging.

And now, here comes the confession you've all been waiting for --- without further ado --

I'm a tad obsessive.

Phew. There I said it.

I'm am totally and completely addicted to blogging.  Not just writing, mind you.  But to reading.  Leaving witty and wonderful comments (Hey, I try).  I even spent the good part of my Friday night trying to work on the design (considering my computer literacy problems, that was fun).

When I'm not on my computer, I'm preoccupied about being on the computer.  What will I write?  Who will I visit?   Where can I find that widget?

And this, my dear friends, is getting somewhat problematic.  You see, once again, I've lost my balance.

Like any addiction, is starts small.  And then before you know it consumes your very being.

"I just need to check my email for comments."

"I've got to finish the one post."

"I have to catch up on my friends' new stuff."

In the meantime, things like dishes, dinner and laundry have been a smidge neglected.  Unfortunately so have the kids and the hubby.

And this is creating a bit more chaos than I can take.  Have you ever seen a house with four kids running around unsupervised?  I haven't either, because I'm somewhat glued to this stupid laptop.

While it can make for some pretty funny material (see, told you I'm addicted), it doesn't bode well for the whole family bonding thing.

So, in an effort to get myself back up on that tightrope -- without breaking my neck -- I'm going to have to pull back.  The kids are home on break and we have cookies to bake.  Presents to wrap.  Plus a little togetherness time to catch up on.

For the time being, as I get back to my role as wife and mom, I'm gonna be a bad bloggy friend.  But believe me, I haven't forgotten. I can't. I have an addiction, remember?  Besides, all of you are too awesome to miss for too long. So I promise.

I'll be back.

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  1. Theta Mom Says:
  2. Welcome to the reality of blogging my friend! It's quite an addiction and I never knew it would be like this before I began my blog. Ever since I started, I'm hooked, too!

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Tell me about it!! This past week has been an eye opener. I survived without blogging and reading...barely!

  4. This is so true! It is totally addictive and I'm with you, I need to pull back a bit but maybe I'll do that tomorrow lol!

  5. V Says:
  6. I can't get caught blogging....all hell will break loose! Haha...we dont think it becomes an obsession but it truly does.

  7. Luschka Says:
  8. Yip - I just told my husband, don't worry, I only have one more to read. It's only 20 to 2. AM. Lol... my baby'll be up in a few hours and I'll be exhausted all day - so I feel your pain. Have a good break and a GREAT Christmas

  9. I hear ya sister! ;) This blogging business IS addictive - pretty difficult to balance with Christmas and all. I've had to put it on the back burner too. I'll look forward to seeing you soon!

  10. Susan Fobes Says:
  11. As a fellow blogger addict, I completely understand. Catch up to you later.

  12. Dawn Farias Says:
  13. Oh, yes, I have this exact same problem!

  14. Noelle Says:
  15. i wish you had signed my name to this post, too. but you didn' now i gotta go write my own. sigh. have a great break! try to embrace the madness! hey, that would be a great name for a blog, wouldn't it?! embrace the madn...what? oh, i'm doing it again. sorry.

  16. Gibby Says:
  17. I totally get it! When I first started, I thought I was just writing an online journal for myself. I had no idea...

  18. I know exactly what you mean and I pulled back for a few weeks, myself.

    Do we need a twelve step program for blogging?

    Enjoy life :)

  19. kys Says:
  20. I have been feeling the same way for the last month. I am an all or nothing person. I keep telling myself I can blog and scale it back but I'm sitting here with 956 posts in my reader and I'm trying to read them all. Like a fool.

    Have a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy your break.

  21. Preach it, sister! I've just been forcibly enlisted in the BA (bloggers anonymous) program, thanks to my hubby and kids. If I even look at the computer, they give me the evil eye. Oh well, everybody's gotta have their poison, right?

  22. EcoMeg Says:
  23. I came to a similar realization myself, which is why I've been quieter these past few weeks.

    I wish you happy holidays and a wonderful New Year!

  24. Hi Zen Mama! I have an award for you at my bloggy. I love yours and appreciate all your entertaining and thought provoking posts. I heart you! Here's the link:

  25. Helene Says:
  26. Uh, yeah...I know exactly what it's like to have 4 kids running around unsupervised!! That is SO my life too!!

    I understand what you're saying. I've taken a little break this last week from blogging and I was surprised at how good it felt to not feel like I "had" to be blogging or commenting. I sat on the floor and played games for hours with my kids, we danced to music, we saw movies, we baked's been so much fun!

    As the new year begins, I hope both you and I can find a nice balance with our families!!

  27. JulieChats Says:
  28. I'm a "tad" obsessive too! Can't wait to read more!

    Stopping by to follow you from MBC's 200 followers club! Follow me back at

  29. I have an award for you at my blog! Can't wait to read more in 2010 - Happy New Year!

  30. Amie Says:
  31. Enjoy your vacay from the blogoshere but look forward to your return.

  32. Everyone who blogs is obsessed.

    See? I'm here commenting. Then I'll go write a post. Then I'll...

    I need a break too.


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