You Swiene!

Posted by ZenMom Friday, October 2, 2009

Confession of the Day:  I'm a rabid fan of anything Pink Panther.  The original, Peter Sellers version of course.  And just like one of Cato's surprise attacks, our nice pediatrician blindsided me this morning -- informing me my son now has the swine flu.  But instead of immediate dread, my first visual was of our dear friend, the Inspector.  Hey, it made me chuckle at least.

Unfortunately, my amusement has quickly given way to fear.  My Pond Boy may be the only one to come down with it so far, but I know its only a matter of time before the rest of us fall like dominoes.  That's just the kind of family we are.  Generous to a fault.

My oldest daughter has already been complaining of symptoms and the little guy was an amazing grump today. As I type, he's face down on his bed, fast asleep.  He went up there all by himself, and that's never, ever a good sign.  Peaceful, yes.  Comforting, no.

So right now I'm bracing myself for a very long weekend.  As soon as I finish typing, I'll start disinfecting   Then I'll be stocking up on the Echinacea and all things antioxidant. Oh crap, who am I kidding.  We're doomed.  You swine flu.
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  1. It's not so bad. My daughter just got over it. There is a 7 - 10 day incubation period, so just be on the lookout! Hers lasted about 4 days, then back to school! Fever for about 48 hours. I actually think it was easier than the regular old flu. Hope your son feels better soon!

  2. My family is the exact same way...once one gets something, we all get it.

    I love your blog and there is an award for you over at mine. :)

  3. ZenMom Says:
  4. Lee...I'm glad this isn't too bad. My son is starting to get better. Rocky Mountain Memoirs, thank you so much for the award. Wow!


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