If I Only Had a Brain...

Posted by ZenMom Thursday, October 1, 2009

I've been whistling this classic from the Wizard of Oz all day long -- with a skip in my step and a smirk on my face no less.

Lately, I've been feeling even more scattered then usual.  My addled mind cannot
seem to remember the smallest of details (which my kids take immense pleasure in reminding me, over and over again)  Focus has been non-existent, as well as planning, cleaning, cooking -- you get the idea.  I was beginning to wonder if something was seriously wrong with me.

Then today, like manna from heaven, a beautiful gift dropped from the sky.  When I saw the sign at the Little Stinker's preschool announcing their "Lunch Bunch"  I almost knocked the other moms out of the way to sign up.

Whoever came up with this little perk was a bonified miracle worker. They sure didn't have it when my older kids were little.  Basically, instead of rounding the little guy up after the whopping 2 1/2 hour session is over, he gets to stay for lunch and play with his friends.  The result?  Five glorious hours to myself.

I haven't had this much time to myself since school started.  Come to think of it, I haven't had this much time to myself since I had my little guy.  I ran errands, did chores around the house and even went for a run with the dog.  I was quick, efficient and productive.  Its amazing what a block of time without any interruptions will do to you. 

Its during this time of uninterruped thought that I had a personal epiphany.  I CAN think.  I CAN concentrate.  I CAN accomplish something .  OK enough of the CANs -- I'm having visions of the Little Engine That Could.  And that can't be good!

Whoops, I digress.  Back to my point.   I realized today that I don't have ADHD or Alzeimer's afterall.   I just have kids.  And the four of them have a way of distracting me into oblivion.
So for all those days when I wondered where my brain had gone, I realized it was here all along.  Just like our friend the Scarecrow.  I just needed a little peace and quiet to coax it out of exile.  Way to go Lunch Bunch.  And to my much maligned mind -- I look forward to seeing you again next week.
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  1. I LOVED lunch bunch. Of course, I love that he is in school all day now...in fact, I have warned my kids they are NOT to see the nurse unless they vomit blood! Hey, I need my time alone!

  2. Thanks for the laugh and I'm glad you got some really great time to become "human" again.

    I read this post earlier but didn't have time to comment. I want you to know I had "If I Only Had A Brain" in my head ever since.

    Thanks so much :)

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