Cleaning for the Cleaners

Posted by Accidental Expert Thursday, September 3, 2009

Does anyone else out there do this?

First, let me say that, yes I know, I'm very blessed. We have a cleaner/miracle worker that comes over and makes my house look decent-- at least one morning a week. Unfortunately, my organizationally challenged clan can undo all her handiwork faster than a speeding bullet. Fearing the inevitable, I've actually been known to well up a bit when I see her making her exit.

Its because of our unkempt ways that I do the following: I run around the house like a madwoman on cleaning mornings. I scoop up toys, round up laundry, gather clean sheets and basically do everything in my power to clear a path so as not to hinder her glorious efforts.

All the while my family watches. Actually they watch and chuckle. Then again, most times its more than a chuckle -- mass hysteria has been known to ensue. In part because of the irony of my actions, and in part because they take some perverse pleasure in watching me scurry to and fro in a frantic state.

Even the cleaner has been known to sport a smirk or two when she's spied me in action. Why? Either because she's in on the joke with the rest of my family. Or maybe she's secretly thinking, "Give up lady. This place is never gonna be neat."

I tend to think the latter is the most plausible explanation. But either way, why is it I care how my house looks when the cleaner comes over? Or the refrigerator repair guy or the plumber or whatever worker enters our humble abode. My husband doesn't. My kids sure don't. So what is it about me that feels instantly judged if it has that, shall I say, lived in look? I'm not sure, but here I am, the night before cleaning day, already mapping out my strategy for tomorrow. Some habits are too hard to break I guess. Digg It! Stumble Delicious Technorati Tweet It! Facebook


  1. Suzanne Says:
  2. Very funny:-) I'm the same way. In fact, I let the last cleaning lady go because I felt that I cleaned the house more before she came then she did. haha But I miss having at least one day of a clean house so I'm hiring another. Let the madness begin!!!
    Your writing is great. I can tell I'll love reading your blog regularly.

  3. kaydee Says:
  4. Hi--have a similar blog commentary on and would love your feedback. Am glad to hear others share in the clean house mania. Am following from follow me club. thanks for the smile

  5. Theta Mom Says:
  6. I don't have a cleaning person (wish I did, though)!

    I came by because you linked up, but I couldn't find your Time Out for Theta Mom post.


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